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Sending and receiving large files seems like a simple idea, but it can actually be quite complex. What happens when you hit SEND? Are your files secure? Are they now available to the correct recipient(s)? Did it take forever to send that attachment? Was is blocked or quarantined due to email size limits?

Secure File Exchange from Certifient is an easy to use solution that allows you to share, store, access and backup large files from any device. With Secure Share, you can create shared, permissions-based folders enabling you to transfer files between employees and clients from anywhere! Secure Share also provides the added benefit of tracking and reporting, a feature that lets you know when anyone opens, accesses and shares your file.

Upload methods include: mobile, desktop computer, server application and web. Get ‘anywhere access’ to information from any device, while protecting your confidential information with sFX (secure File Exchange).

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Certifient Secure Messaing reduces the cost and complexity of sharing sensitive data in a secure and compliant way.

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